Sunday, March 2, 2014

Human Nature

It's been such a long time since we last did a double exposure project, can it really be over 2 years? We've both been so tied up with work and other commitments in that time that it's a miracle we even got this one completed.
Our idea was to fuse the people and environments from our differing countries, indeed continents. This time we shot the project on black and white film and initially when I removed the film from the developing tank and saw we had severe overlapping issues on most of the images I was pretty miffed. But the more I looked at the final scanned images, I was drawn to the subtler areas, muted contrasts and often what can be seen in the black vertical strips. More than double exposures in fact, these are at times, triple even quadruple exposures.


  1. Oh man, I rather like them Suzie. I'm quite surprised actually! I think the b & w tones down the misalignment/triple exposure. I'm going to enlarge a few to frame methinks. Sonnac and Kamloops collide. The first two and the one with your pup are great. Thanks for developing. xo

  2. wow these are superb! I love the abstract linear spaces mixed with softness:
    particularly the ones of MillaMuse :-)

  3. VERY interesting with the overlap and images. What a great project.